Gulu district to auction impounded charcoal.

By Willy Chowoo

 Gulu district officials are set to auction charcoal that was today impounded from two trucks while enroute to Kampala.

The trucks that were from Pabbo Sub County in Amuru district, were impounded from Bobi trading center in Omoro district after bypassing several traffic police officers.

According to Gulu district vice chairman Oola Simon Peter, the owners of the impounded charcoal did not have documents to support their business.

Offloaded impounded illegal charcoal in front of Gulu District ready for Auctioning:Photo by Chowoo Willy


Ocan Dickson, who owns part of the charcoal impounded said they paid sh300000 for each vehicle at Corner Layibi Police check point in Gulu Municipality.

“We came as an advance team on boda bodas and paid 600000= to the police and the police told us to call the drivers and tell them not to stop at this point, they should drive straight”, Ocan said.

When called to comment, Aswa Regional police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema said he does not rule out the allegation.

“We cannot deny such anomalies, this is the thing which is happening but it is not brought to the attention of the police, so we appeal to whoever has such information that they should not wait until such a thing happens, it will not be ok, because we are fighting that side and some other people are enjoying then we are equally not doing anything”, he said.

Okema added that people should report cases of police being involved in such unlawful activity.

“It is within this ground that we appeal to people who know anything to bring so that errant Police officers shall be punished, because it spoils the name of the institution.”

Gulu district chairman Ojara Martin Mapenduzi said the district will continue to ensure that they protect the environment and that as a district, they will not interfere with the work of the task force on charcoal.

This is the third time in a period of two months that Gulu district officials have impounded and auctioned charcoal.

Impounded trucks loaded with bags of charcoal in front of Gulu District.Photo by Chowoo Willy


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