About us

The Northern Uganda Media Club (NUMEC) is an independent and non-partisan media organisation formed by journalists and media professionals working in conflict-affected northern Uganda. For over two decades, northern Uganda suffered the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency which devastated the region. With communication and other infrastructure badly damaged, the region was largely isolated and today it is grappling with post-conflict recovery. NUMEC was conceived to revitalise the media terrain within the region and to help catalyse the reconciliation, resettlement and recovery efforts in northern Uganda. To date, NUMEC has over 80 members spread across the region. Our offices are located in Gulu town, in Gulu district.

About Us

NUMEC’s mission is to ‘Integrate the critical role of media and communication into the strategic objectives of actors and stakeholders in northern Uganda’ and other parts of Uganda. Critical to achieving our mandate and objective is empowering the local communities through adequate and reliable information on programs and development, enhancing peace, justice, accountability and good governance.

NUMEC is involved in capacity building for journalists so they are able to effectively report on peace, recovery, good governance, human rights and justice issues in northern Uganda. The organisation is also involved in media and communication training for government officials and civil society organisations to promote effective engagement between them and the media.
NUMEC runs a well equipped media resource centre within its premises which comprises of a radio production studio, audio recorders, audio editing software, computers, internet, a generator and a press centre where journalists work, and where press conferences are regularly held.

Currently NUMEC produces a fortnightly radio feature called ‘Facing Justice’ that tackles issues of justice, peace, conflict and human rights in northern Uganda. The 25 minutes radio feature is insightful, analytical and professionally packaged. It airs on eleven (11) radio stations in Acholi, Teso and West Nile.