Dominic Ongwen’s Defense Team to present 72 witnesses before ICC.

By Willy Chowoo

Former LRA Commander Dominic Ongwen’s defense team has lined up 72 witnesses to be presented before the international criminal court.

While addressing journalists at Northern Uganada Media Club Thomas Oblot the Assistant to Counsel, said 10 witnesses will testify under protection measures while 62 witnesses will be live to the public.

Mr Obhot further added that 25% of the witnesses that they will present in court are women.

“we shall call ex LRA, community leaders, former LDU soldiers and arrow boys, some UPDF soldiers, people who lived in the camps, and Acholi elders,’ he said.

Obhot estimated that the team will finish presentation of their evidence around November 2019.

The defense team will on 18th September 2018 begin their opening statement and on the 28 September they will begin presentation of evidence.

Ongwen is charged with  70 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

He  is being tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity that took place in Abok village, Odek village, Pajule village, and Lukodi village.

The defense team is currently meeting community members and local leaders from the  four areas.

Northern Uganda Media club runs a media resource center where stakeholders, state actors, community members, and local leaders can hold press conferences or briefings.

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