Gulu district gets sh69 million from impounded logs and Charcoal.

Impounded Charcoal at Bomah Grounds in Gulu Municipality being brunt by the Youth Activist

By Willy Chowoo.

Gulu district has collected sh69 millions as local revenue from the sales of impounded charcoal and logs.

Ojara Martin Mapenduzi, Gulu district LC5 chairman revealed it during his presentation of district Executive report to the council. Speaking to the councilors, the chairman said the district was able to collect sh69, 750,000 from the sale of impounded logs (Afrizela Africana) and sacks of charcoal.

Mapenduzi said each of the 789 sacks of charcoal impounded from 9 trucks in June, July and August was auctioned to the public for 30,000/ thus collecting 21,575,000=. He further said the district collected 48,500,000= after auctioning 368 pieces of logs of Afzella Africana tree.

“Most of the revenue raised by the district, 80% were from impounded forest product like log and charcoal from other districts like Lamwo, Amuru, and Kitgum while others were from Adjumani district”.

He also said their officers in charge of the operation were receiving security threats from some of the military personnel, while some members of the public steal the charcoal during the procurement process.

Police in Aswa region recently complained of similar threats from logs and charcoal dealer who have  connection with top government officials.

Mapenduzi also said that there is conflict of interest by some district officials in the operation.


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