Gulu to host International Environmental conference on rethinking sustainable development.

By Willy Chowoo

In Gulu

Gulu district will from 11-12 April 2019 host an international environmental conference.  The two day conference shall be about rethinking Sustainable Development.

The conference shall look at issues of charcoal business in the context of massive deforestation caused by unregulated charcoal production; the most pressing environmental challenge currently facing Northern Uganda. It will further tackle the broader theme of the future of Sustainable development and environmental Justice in the region.

Rethinking Sustainable Development in Northern Uganda

“Northern Uganda is today witnessing a wave of environmental degradation and land conflict, but also a flourishing of civil society and community efforts to address this devastation and ensure a future of just development for the people of the region”, the press statement reads in part.

The press release further states that the conference will seek solution not only to Northern Uganda’s development challenges but also to the global challenges of finding a just future in the midst of climate change according to the statement.

The conference is expected to attract over 200 participants; Academician, researchers, government officials, private sector and civil society. Of the more than 200 participants, 40 scholars and researchers will come from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, South Sudan, North America, Europe, Latin America, and Australia.

This is the second International Conference organized jointly by the Cambridge Centre for African Studies, Makerere University school of Social Sciences, Gulu University, Human Rights Focus and Centre for African Studies.


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