Land grabbers in Acholi sub region interested in harvesting trees not Farming.

By Choowo Willy


Prof George Openjuru Ladaah vice chancellor of Gulu University has said that land grabbers in Acholi sub region are not interested in using the grabbed land for farming but are rather interested on the available different types of tree species on the land

Professor Openjuru made the statement today while opening a two day international conference on Environment ‘Rethinking Sustainable Development from Northern Uganda’ which is taking place in Gulu district in northern Uganda.

Prof George Ladaah Openjuru attending International Conference on Rethinking Sustainable Development for Northern Uganda  at Bomah Hotel

He said that the emerging conflict after the decades of armed conflict in northern Uganda is the issue of land conflict and grabbing.

Prof Openjuru further added that it is very unfortunate that the land grabbers are more interested in destruction of environment for charcoal harvesting instead of farming.

“It is unfortunate that the land grabbers are not interested in farming, after grabbing the land they sell the woods for charcoal, that is distorting the development and this change does affect agriculture, certainly it is going to affect human beings”, Prof narrates.

The conference brings over 40 scholars and researchers, primarily from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, South Sudan, North America, Europe, Latin America, and Australia, to inquire into the intersection between development, the environment, and social justice.

It shall handle charcoal business in the context of massive deforestation caused by unregulated charcoal production; the most pressing environmental challenge currently facing Northern Uganda. And will also tackle the broader theme of the future of Sustainable development and environmental justice in the region.


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