Northern Uganda artists compose song on environmental injustice.

By Willy Chowoo

‘.Our trees we need answers, until we get the answers, we need to protect our environment

let’s stop the environmental injustice, stop it for your own good.’

That is the lyrics of a song entitled ‘Environment’ composed by some artists from Northern Uganda, calling for environmental Justice in the region.

The song calls on the population to stop environmental injustices and rise up to protect the environment by planting more trees.

The song, which is a collaboration of artists like Eddy Wizzy, Laxzy Mover, and Sherry Princess, creates awareness on the environmental destruction in Acholi Sub Region.

Laxzy mover is a member of the Team ‘our tress we need answer’ that is using theater to fight environmental injustices in Acholi Sub Region says “we want to increase awareness in the community so that they stop destroying our trees which might make this area a desert.”

The song which is done in a mixture of English and Luo, calls on everybody to take their responsibility to protect the environment for the future of their children.

The song was composed with support from the environmental pressure group-Our trees we need answers in conjunction with Centre for Africa Studies Cambridge University and Centre for Africa Research.

The pressure group has been traversing the entire Acholi sub region (8 districts) holding community dialogues on environmental justice and is using theatre as one of the ways to pass out information.

Owor Arthur who is the coordinator for the group says culturally, Acholi usually drums up support through theatre and art, and they took the option of songs for their campaign.

“Music is a very powerful tool for mobilization around a cause such as environmental violence where our heritage, our valuable tree species are being cut down.  We brought together top artists like Laxzy, Eddie Wizzy and Sherry Princess  on this music project because to add voice and raise the profile of our campaign.  We now have a song which is more less our anthem. Along with the song, we are planning on shooting a video”, he added.

Sherry Princess performing at Pabbo Trading Centre during a community forum on environmental Justice

The artists in their song  called on different stakeholders like the Paramount chief of Acholi Cultural Institution, Religious leaders, the Police , the Army, and District leaders to come together to fight environmental injustice in the sub region.

The song also criticizes   the charcoal burners for cutting trees for industrial production hence earning a lot of money yet the local community is left poor.

“They don’t care, whether the tree is small or big, every day you see Lorries loaded with charcoal passing, they just want to collect revenue instead of protecting our trees, our shear nut trees have been depleted, our African Afrizela is also depleted”, part of the lyrics reads.

The song calls on individual to protect their home because no one will do it for them.

Our trees we need answers is due to release its report on their campaign on environmental justice for over the last eight months.

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